Phase 4

This is maintain phase focus

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

We believe in community power, which is why we're implementing a DAO system. As an NFT holder, you'll have a say in decision-making through voting and electing representatives. Together, we'll shape the future of Fove Club and make it an even better place.

Royalty fee

As for royalties from the secondary market, we'll split them right down the middle. 50% will go to the dev team, and the other 50% will be directed to the DAO wallet. We're all in this together, and we want to ensure everyone benefits from our success.


Our commitment to your satisfaction doesn't end here. We're always open to new ideas and innovation. As the Fove Club evolves, we'll continue to explore fresh concepts and listen to our community. Your happiness as the Fove Cluber is our top priority.

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