Phase 3

Once we successfully mint our NFTs, the Fove Club will be buzzing with an incredible community and plenty of funds to take our project to the next level.

Our goal is to make Fove Club a valuable long-term asset that everyone will be proud to be a part of.

Here's what we have in mind to achieve that:

More Clubbers

First off, we're going big on marketing! We'll collaborate with communities who have already experienced successful minting to reach even more people. Together, we'll bring the excitement of Fove Club to a wider audience and make it a thriving hub.

More Games, More Entertainments

We're also planning to create some awesome utilities for our NFT holders. Imagine weekly lotteries where you can win cool prizes or even get a drink on us every Friday if luck is on your side.

We also wanted to develop our unique game called Bar Fight where your NFTs can fight other's NFT from Fove Club to score you some sweet rewards and I Want You where you can vote to get free NFTs from other awesome projects.

You can find more about the utilities here To Drink or Not to Drink

NFT Value Up

To ensure the value of our NFTs remains strong, we're implementing measures like weekly sweeps and burn mechanisms.

Unwanted NFTs won't flood the market and we want to keep our club alive and prevent it from going downhill.

Now, here's something unique. We're all about helping each other out. So, we'll hold a weekly raffle where those in need of quick cash can sell their NFTs at the floor price plus some SOL. It's a way to support our community members during tough times without hurting the floor price.

Mint Fund Distribution

When it comes to funds, we'll make sure everyone gets their fair share. 40% will go to the hardworking dev team as a reward for their efforts and future marketing ideas. The remaining 60% will be allocated to the DAO wallet, serving as a reward pool and safeguarding the club's financial stability.

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