Phase 2

To boost the Fove Club, we're planning to secure a launchpad on Magic Eden or another reliable platform. This will help us reach a wider audience and provide a more trustworthy minting experience.

However, self-minting remains an option as our skilled developer is capable of handling it.

For the minting, we have two phases: Whitelist Minting and Public Minting.

Whitelist Minting

During Whitelist Minting, those who are whitelisted will have the exclusive opportunity to mint first. It will take place on (to be announced), which is 2 hours before the public minting. Each wallet on the whitelist can make one purchase at the price of $0.4 SOL.

Make sure to secure your spot on the whitelist for this early access!

Public Minting

As for Public Minting, it will begin on (to be announced). During this phase, each wallet will be able to mint up to 3 NFTs at the price of $0.5 SOL per NFT.

Get ready for the minting dates! It's an exciting opportunity to become a part of the Fove Club and own these unique NFTs.

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