Welcome to Fove Club, the home of satirical gems NFT collection on Solana! We want to spread humor, satire, and boundless creativity through our hand-drawn attributes, offering you a collection of unique digital artworks that will leave you laughing. And there's more! We've got some epic games lined up to entertain our community

To Drink or Not to Drink

In this boozy challenge, you'll face specific turns and make a crucial decision: to drink the misery drink or not. Each sip increases your alcohol gauge, and the goal is to reach the highest level. If you opt out, your opponent Scofield(Our bot) will take the drink, but be prepared to drink on the next turn.

Watch out for overdrinking, though, as that'll lead you to defeat. Find the perfect balance!

Bar Fight Tournament

Get ready to unleash your NFT power in an adrenaline-fueled battle at Fove Club! Lock and stake your valuable Fove Club NFTs alongside other holders for a whole week. Each day we'll announce winners until we reach the grand finale. The rules for each round will keep you guessing, as the fighting conditions can depend on highest rarity, lowest rarity, or unique attributes that guarantee victory. These conditions will be randomly set and only revealed after the results are out.

The more rounds you win, the greater your rewards. Pray to your RNGESUS!

I Want You

This is a weekly vote to get, we'll present you with a selection of awesome NFTs and ask for your vote. The most wanted NFT will be given to a lucky winner who voted for it. It's your vote that counts, so make sure to participate for a chance to snag some fantastic NFTs Get your butt over to Fove Club and join the damn party! More exciting games in the future at Fove Club because we're constantly brewing up new ideas and experiences to keep the fun going.

Get your butt over to Fove Club and join the damn party! It's where creativity, humor, and kick-ass digital collectibles come together. Don't miss out, be part of this f**king awesome community!

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